Are we still in America? 20 minutes that will shock you.



You know I watch this and it enrages me, these cops are like was stated, showing these Muslims they get their way if they act out. This America! The United States of America, and I say crap like this has no place within this nation. Did you see these kids and how violent and angry they were? Did you see the cops from the start lecture Christians and ignore the Muslims? What happened to freedom of speech? What happened to freedom of religion? What the hell has happened that we have let such hateful people live within this nation? I am disgusted with the police in Dearborn,  Michigan and I wonder, Are we still in America?



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  1. i totally agree. what a disturbing video. this is not the country i grew up in. it has become a third world country. if thats what the “people” will allow, then i am out here. there are much more pleasant places to live, and enjoy MY life, not theirs.

  2. This is just the start of what is to come, I keep up on the news and there is another even larger Muslim problem in the UK where they are stating on the news “Sharia Law will come to the UK either by vote or by force. We as a nation have stopped demanding assimilation from those who legally immigrate here. It should be; One Flag (The American Flag) One loyalty ( To The United States of America) and one Language; (English) and finally the understanding that the rule of law here is AMERICAN law. Which means freedom of religion, this is not some third world country where we allow persecution of religious views…Well at least it did not used to be.

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