Filth in the White House

Some people flip out when they visit the White House. A couple visitors last week, though, used the occasion to flip off — a portrait of the late President Ronald Reagan.

Two guests of the White House invited to a reception Friday to mark gay pride month were photographed giving the middle finger below Reagan’s portrait.

The images were first published by Philadelphia Magazine — in the pictures, the guests had both middle fingers raised, pointing up toward Reagan.

Photographer Zoe Strauss and Matty Hart, national director for public engagement at the group Solutions for Progress, had posted the images of themselves to Facebook.

Hart, under his, wrote simply: “F— Reagan.”

He later posted a link on his Facebook page to the Philadelphia Magazine piece about their gesture.

Neither Strauss nor Hart have responded to for comment.

Hart, though, defended his gesture in the Philadelphia Magazine article. “Ronald Reagan has blood on his hands,” he said. “The man was in the White House as AIDS exploded.”

Hart said he doesn’t care if he’s not invited back to the White House.

A third guest, Philadelphia publisher Mark Segal, was also photographed next to George W. Bush’s portrait, but used a more tasteful thumbs-up in his picture. He told Philadelphia Magazine he has friends in the White House and “I’m not going to do something that could embarrass them.” SOURCE


You know I am a pretty tolerant man with most things, but when Gay Activists are invited to the White House and they show themselves for what they are then they have become nothing but filth to me. At one point this Zoe bitch made out with another female in front of the Reagan portrait as well. To me this shows how they care about how the represent homosexuals. They don’t care and who was it invited them? Obama, well that figures, he has shown from day one the crowd he hangs with does not care how they make him look either. It just disgusts me that this type of filth is allowed in the people’s house. Oh, and Matty Hart here is a solution for progress…Fuck You, Reagan out classed you by a straight mile.


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