Romney’s Immigration Policy Validated

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The flow of illegal immigrants coming into the US from Mexico is now equal to the flow of illegal immigrants returning to Mexico on their own. Apparently, the lack of jobs and economic growth in Obama’s economy is repelling illegals. Obama can now brag about his success in stemming the flow of illegal immigrants.

Romney’s position has always been that much of the illegal immigration problem could be handled simply by stopping the hiring of illegals and stopping welfare benefits for illegal immigrants. For this, he has been vilified by the left, but it now seems that he may have been proven right.

Obama’s administration deliberately refused to uphold existing federal immigration laws which could have had much the same effect on illegal immigration as the poor economy is now having. Arizona’s immigration laws, a state enforcement of federal laws, caused many illegal immigrants to leave that state, sparking surrounding states to follow suit when they experienced an influx of illegal immigrants as a result.

Simply applying and enforcing federal immigration laws could have reduced our illegal immigration problem to a manageable size. Border problems and many resulting deaths could have been prevented with little racial tension or controversy. Obama did the exact opposite. He arrogantly decided the laws were not to his liking, so he ignored them.

Was ideology behind Obama’s abandonment of immigration laws? Or was it the Latino vote? He won 67% of the Latino vote in 2008 and he is currently increasing efforts to get those votes again in November. One thing seems certain: It is not the good of the country that fueled Obama’s disdain for immigration laws.

David J. Hentosh


This was a good read and felt the need to pass it on.


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