Dan Savage the Anti Bully Bully…Loser


Danny boy here is a true piece of crap, but then what do we expect from someone touting the Anti Bullying agenda when it comes to dealing with religion? You see because the bible does not fit into his agenda, his lifestyle, his dreams, he sees the need to you his pulpit to bully others and shit on their beliefs. This is the worst kind of hypocrite there is because he claims to be against bullying but then does exactly that the moment people in this video indicate by walking out that they don’t agree with his views. This is the typical Liberal reaction when somebody does not agree with them. I was proud of those kids willing to walk out on him because they at that moment held more power over Danny Boy than he will ever admit. His type always wants to step in under the guise of a worthwhile problem and then use that forum to the benefit of their own agenda. Dan Savage decided the people did not matter he would rather spew his hate, he has been exposed now and we can all see him for the true hater bully that he is.

Got news for ya Danny, your Liberal buddies might think you are the cats meow but you have exposed yourself through your own weakness and inability to understand that people have rights to believe in the Bible, Religion, God, etc, even if you don’t. How dare you think it is your right to bully anybody because they disagree with you! I hope you have it within yourself to reflect on your actions and apologize to those kids you verbally bullied. However I doubt you have the spine or the morals to do the right thing.


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