Sometimes Light from the Simplest Things

You know, sometimes we get a little bit of light, insight from the simplest things. I am talking about the spin coming from the Obama Machine about Michelle Obama not having the luxury to be a stay at home mom and raise her children. This is total and utter Bull Crap! With a combined income of close to half a million dollars annually they want us to believe that Michelle could not have stayed home? When is this nation going to wake the hell up and see that The Obama Machine is what the occupy movement despised and protested against, the very thing that is making it almost criminal to succeed in life. a half a million a year and for the most part Obama and family contributed less than 2% to charity? You see this shines a light on his contributions now that he is in the public eye big time and pushing for higher taxes on the successful. You see this is not about Ann Romney, not truly about those that have been successful in this life, no it is and shall remain about socialism. There is no war on women in this country and if there is you can be assured it is being fueled by the left, the liberal disease, destroying the American Way of Life. Obama is, was and remains wrong for this country. The impact of his policies has yet to be fully recognized, but look at the racial tensions fueled by the constant fanning from the left. Obama does not care how he regains office and therefore will outright lie to the American people, he will pit you against me to serve his cause and he does not care. Ask yourselves what has Obama truly done that has not assured you are going to be paying for it for years to come? Obama is a pay to play fraud, the left attacking all stay at home mothers claiming that isn’t work. Perhaps for many liberals it isn’t work because they only have the kids and let some nanny raise them. I hope in November nobody forgets the attack on all mothers who chose to raise their children themselves at home. Under Obama anybody is a target….He need to know We the People are wise to him and his games, he needs to be sent packing.


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