I Have Had It!!! Our President is a Coward!


I want to know where the hell is Obama on this issue, he is all over the Trayvon Martin shooting but where is he on this? The damn coward does not have the balls to stand up against black people even when they are proving that they often are just as bad as the people they condemn for racism. Obama will say nothing because he does not want to alienate the black vote. But this is wrong and he is too cowardly to condemn this group of people and this act.


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  1. This is my city and it happens all the time. No one links this as “hate” crimes. I believe white people are targeted because they are less like to be carrying a hand gun.

    This is why EVERYONE should be packing some heat, the first time they go to do this and get shot. they will start to think twice before attcking people. Lets get it rolling, tired of BS and time to start fighting back

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