Desperate, Obama is Courting the Women’s Vote

First off let me say right off the top, I believe women are strong, and more than able to carry their own weight, however I unlike Obama do not think they are stupid enough to believe in his line of bull that the Republicans are kicking women in general to the side of the road.

According to Obama; “When we talk about these issues that primarly impact women, we‘ve got to realize that they are not just women’s issues, They are family issues. They are growth issues. They are issues about American competiveness. They are issues that impact all of us.” I find it strange that this late in his term he is now realizing this? But is this something new? Or is this new found concern the butter he is using to sway the women’s vote?

I believe it is important to understand that Obama and his liberal cohorts are not seeking to make anything any better for women, they just want women to vote for Obama. They want women to believe that the republicans want to deny women contraceptives, mammograms, and other care specific to women. What the Republicans want to do is take funding away from Planned Parenthood that they receive for services they don’t offer. They receive huge amounts of money for to pay for mammograms that they don’t offer and can only refer a patient to a doctor that can actually initiate the mammogram. But as always though Obamacare is cutting over 500 billion from Medicare, another program very important to millions of women, Obama and his band of merry thieves would have you believe the Republicans are making this cut.

The bottom line is Obama has done nothing to stimulate jobs for women, healthcare for women and in fact has done his part by over spending to assure that cuts need to be made in order to keep this country afloat. Obama would have us all believe he is seeking to better the situation for women but the reality is that Obama’s prospects are dismal due to his weak leadership and his inability to understand that dividing this country is not something, Americans, Women and Men alike want their president to do. But to get a second term he will do anything it takes. Say what ever it takes and promise the moon….We all know how he follows through on his promises by now don’t we?

I am sure women to stand for what is just and right and tell Obama thanks but no thanks, nobody can afford  another FOUR years of inept leadership under a president who actually thinks he has done a good job.


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