NBC Knowingly Air’s Doctored Zimmerman 911 Tape.

I want to know when AMERICA is going to say “ENOUGH!” The main stream media is in the tank, corrupt and willingly spreading hate while doctoring evidence in order to make it look like George Zimmerman had a racist agenda in the Trayvon Martin shooting. As Rush Limbaugh says; This is “NOT” insignificant!” NBC news has shown us they cannot be trusted. Furthermore we should look at the bigger picture, how many people with the ability to gain the nation’s ear are passing judgement publicly on George Zimmerman? It is not just NBC, they are just the latest ones to get caught. But I ask you, America, when are we going to put a stop to this sort of thing and demand honesty from the media? I have my belief on Zimmerman and it is my own gut feeling but I am not going to condemn any Man, woman, CITIZEN of this great nation until they have had their day in court. We have a legal system in this country and I for one am tired of the Nancy Graces, Al Sharptons, Jessie Jacksons, Bobby Rushes, Maxine Waters, Spike Lees, Ed Schultzs, Oprah even weighed in as well as did Glenn Beck. There are so many people in this country with powerful voices that have rushed ahead of the investigation who have already in their mind convicted George Zimmerman.

When are these powerful voices going to use responsibility and reason as the tools of the day? This is bigger than George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, this speaks to the state of this nation. This may or may not be a Racially motivated incident, but when NBC doctors a tape to purposely make it appear like a racially motivated incident, then perhaps even a greater crime has taken place, our trust has been violated and anyone who does not understand what this could have lead to is ignorant or willingly looking the other way. I want Justice for Trayvon Martin and for his family, and I also want justice for George Zimmerman and his family. But hear me here and now, justice will not, cannot be served, if everybody involved here is unwilling to let that case be made and allow the investigation to be carried out..

I am done with NBC because they have taken the old, “We are investigating the issue of the doctored tape.” Bull! They needed to step up immediately and say THIS WILL NOT BE TOLORATED! When we can no longer count on the facts because some individual, or network, or politician, or extremest, or LIAR reworks the facts to fit their agenda, then Justice has been lost! This in and of itself is morally criminal and the act of the worst kind of person. Racial tensions are high over this case and everybody knows this. So in knowing this and then doctoring this tape to give it some racist tint is totally 100% inexcusable and I don’t care what NBC does now about it because they have completely dropped the ball, as heads should have rolled, jobs lost, people fired and acceptance publicly of complete acceptance of responsibility for this altered hate laced tape ever making it to the public domain. But no, NBC wants to investigate, they can’t wait for the Trayvon Martin shooting investigation to be finished, but they have plenty of time for their own investigation.

Somebody here screwed up and this tape had to be signed off on at some level, so who’s to blame? Who made the choice to lie to the world in hopes of promoting racial tensions. Who in this nation could be so hateful? These are important questions and perhaps even bigger is, who is going to pay the price for this hateful act? My guess is nobody, when all is said and done this incident, this crime this lie will be cleaned up in a very PC way and swept under the carpet. Some nobody will be fired and the “no harm no foul” reasoning will be put into play. I for one will not accept this, because when a network as big as NBC and with the ability to reach millions of people cannot step up immediately and accept full responsibility and assure us this will NEVER happen again then they are nothing more than stirrers of the pot, seeking to fan the flames in hopes of a firestorm.

I am angry here as should all of you be as well, NBC has within their ranks a person or people who think you and I are fools. They think that we will settle for this, accept it and move on. What if this had begot violence? What if it had not been found out and the words on this tape be used to put a man in jail? You see people, it is not what I think, or what you think, it is about the seeds of hatred they think they can plant in our minds. No this is not acceptable nor will it ever be, but it is indicative about the state of this nation and somebody’s attempt to play the American public for fools.


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