UNCHECKED FLEXIBILITY…is that what you want Obama to have?

I believe that the Term “Unchecked Flexibility” under Obama control is a recipe for disaster. Every President who gains reelection to a second term gets Unchecked Flexibility because they can pretty much do what they want knowing they are not going to have to campaign for office again. The issue here is Obama wants Vladmir Putin to know how flexible he, Obama will be if and when he gets reelected.

The problem I have with Unchecked Flexibility is Obama already has plans to use this flexibility or he would not be relating his abilities if he is reelected to the incoming Russian President…Supreme Ruler. So what is Obama going to give in on to appease Russia? They will exploit his (Obama’s) weakness and inept understanding of American Leadership, and Obama will welcome the exploitation and the weakening of our might in the eyes of this world. It is almost like a real life version of Rocky and Bullwinkle playing out before our eyes. He is counting on reelection to finish off what he cannot do now while campaigning to regain the White House. Whatever he has planned he knows would cost him reelection. So if he knows what he plans on doing would stop him from getting a second term, then why would anybody want to give him a second term? It is time for America to wake up and put a stop to the damage Obama is inflicting on our great nation!



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  1. Obama is weak because he cannot access the moral power of the American people. I’m talking about the power that gets out there and gets things done – that gets up in the morning working to create value. He’s undermining that resource at every point he can. He apparently thinks that America’s power is going to ultimately revolve around him and that he can harness it to whatever he wants to do. I think he’s severely mistaken and going to find out otherwise.

    • I agree that Obama will be shocked when he loses 40 states in the general election. He does not realize — he is too arrogant — just how many people he has alienated in this country. He acts like a tyrant-king and this country was not built on that nonsense. He will find out soon – go Romney.

      • I pray that his arrogance and as well ignorance will be his downfall. Too many on the left are predicting a win which in my mind is a sure sign of trouble for the impostor.

  2. I agree, he for the most part does not understand the morals of true America. He seeks a back-door into the nerve center of this Nation and as he cannot access the source of the true power of what makes this the greatest nation on earth. He flounders at every turn and at this point is only being propped up by those either too stupid to see him for what he is or those sinister enough to hope he cripples this nation for good. I hope he is mistaken about everything he believes will come to him.

  3. He COMPLETELY understands the morals of America! He simply rejects them due to the teachings of Ayes, Alinksy, Bell, and Marx. He only intended to be a one-term President, IMHO.

    This man is not an idiot, but rather a genius in hiding. Has he not accomplished everything he could possible want so far? He understands SCOTUS role in government and the Constitution, and seeks to change them.

    Only someone who knows and understands America’s morals could manipulate them so excellently.

    I do believe America has woken up though and will reject his ideology.

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