A Message to Wisconsin

It is not often we see a person elected to office who carries out the things he promised while he was campaigning, especially when they are promising to limit the power of the greedy, which in this case for Wisconsin are the unions. Every American citizen should have the right to work and not have to pay some union dues to do so. This is just the American way and the reason Scott Walker was elected. In this world we live in under the extremely weak leadership of the Obama regime, the Unions want to usurp the will of the people, not just in Wisconsin but throughout the entire United States of America. But in Wisconsin the unions had such a stranglehold on the state that when Walker gained his office and the legislation he promised was put to a vote, the minority (Democrats) fled their sworn duty to the people of Wisconsin to serve the greed of the unions. While the unions fumed at what Walker was doing and bused in protesters, went to his home hoping to terrify his wife and family, destroying the capital building and most of all sending a statement to the people of Wisconsin that above all the UNIONS shall control the day.

What was Walker doing during all of the chaos? Was he bowing down? Was he running away? Was he cowering like the union thugs wanted him to do? DID HE BACK DOWN! NO! Walker stood his ground because he was keeping a promise to the people who had elected him. His and his fellow conservative’s reforms are allowing the people of Wisconsin to decide if they would like to spend more than a thousand dollars a year in union dues or keep their money. He and his fellow conservatives put a stop to the unions’ railroading of the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars. Walker has been a man of his word to the voters of the state of Wisconsin and has always led by putting the interests of Wisconsin taxpayers first.

Since taking office, Gov Walker has eliminated a bureaucratic and bloated budget mess left by the previous administration without raising taxes or laying off state workers. Thousands of Wisconsinites are back on the job, and statewide property taxes have decreased for the first time in years. Walker took charge of a state that had been beholden to big government special interests with a tax-and-spend mentality that created a $3.6 billion deficit. In less than a year he and his fellow conservatives were able to eliminate this deficit and provide the freedom of choice for public employees. So when the vote on this recall comes up and you are considering if Walker deserves the job….Remember while the Democratic/Liberal part of your state legislature fled their sworn duty and were living high on the hog in another state on your dime Walker was getting the job done. Remember as well The Union elitists would deny you everything that Scott Walker fought to assure you had. Remember who the Patriots were during the days when the Unions paid thugs to cause chaos. Remember who knew the possible risks and did not cower, but rather moved forward to level the playing field for all of Wisconsin and not just the elitist unions.


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