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Obamacare Must Be Destroyed

March 26, 2012 by sasoc

As the Supreme Court begins its scrutiny of the so-called “individual mandate” inherent in the monstrosity known as Obamacare — the budget-busting wrecking ball of quality health care fraudulently induced by the most anti-American president in history — a nice crop of articles on Obama’s singular infamy has been appearing of late.

For example, Chris Stirewalt wrote a blistering recounting of Obama’s trail of destruction and dereliction of duty in his “Terrible Two for Obama Health Law“. Here are some excerpts:

The original idea had been to use Obama’s huge popularity, 2008 mandate and massive Democratic majorities in Congress to sweep through a laundry list of liberal legislation to rival that of Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. As they said, never let a crisis go to waste.

…it annoyed moderates who wondered why their new president spent a year on a complex, partisan project while the nation’s economy remained on life support.

Why indeed. He did so because a government takeover of health care was the most direct path to Obama’s dream of fascist control through a Chicago-style system of patronage and corruption. Health care affects every single American in profound ways, and what better path through which to strangle American freedom with the icy fingers of a demagogue?

Was Obama at all concerned with the wishes of the American people as he dragged his own party kicking and screaming down the rat hole of passage of Obamacare?

When given multiple chances to get away from the law – most notably, the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts in what became a referendum on the legislation – Obama pressed on.

Answer: No.

No indictment of Obamacare is complete without an acknowledgement of Obama’s massive sellout of his own 2008 mandate, and Sitrewalt doesn’t disappoint:

And that’s when Obama gave up his brand for good. Obama ran in the general election on good government, bipartisanship and innovative thinking. He ended up sacrificing all of that in the name of victory on a law that ended up looking very little like what he had originally called for. Rather than being transformative, the Obama presidency had become just an amplification of what voters already disliked about Washington…

“Gave up his brand for good”…or maybe we should say e gave up his brand for bad. And many of us knew before the election (and since then) that his “brand” was far more empty than that brandished by typical presidential candidates; we knew that he was no ordinary candidate embellishing his credentials and track record. He HAD NO TRACK RECORD. He OFFERED NO VERIFIABLE HISTORY. He had never been the executive of anything in his life or career. He was raised in a foreign country. His closest friends included an America-hating terrorist, an America-hating pastor, and countless socialist and/or Marxist ideologues, many of whom are now part of his administration. His “brand”, that of “savior”, scored him a nobel peace prize, which obliterated the meaning of that award for all time.

One part of his true brand is his arrogance and belligerence.

Bill Clinton had the political acumen to change course when his audacious agenda ran aground during his first term. Obama has instead concluded that his task was to reeducate the electorate. Unpopular at its inception and unpopular at it’s passage, Obama would convince Americans that they really liked its law. As he is now doing on energy, Obama has concluded that his task is to disabuse Americans of their views, not accommodate them.

Exactly: he is better than us, and we need to be educated by him.

And for those Obama-lovers who still have not recovered their sanity — which is to say, still believe Obama’s lies that Obamacare is “not a government takeover”, that it “fell far short of a single-payer option”, blah blah — Stirewalt has this bit of news:

Only 23 percent of employers in a survey by human resources consultants Towers Watson were confident that their firms would be offering health benefits a decade from now. Four years ago it was triple that. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that 20 million workers will lose their private insurance in the next decade.

You see that Liberals? Obama, aided and abetted by economist hacks like Paul Conman, promised Americans that they could “keep their existing coverage”, knowing full well that their law — Obamacare — would seek and destroy private healthcare as the years roll by. A slow encroachment devastation.

All Liberals who still support Obamacare, raise your hands!

Meanwhile, two doctors in Texas have turned the tables on Obamacare supporters who previously had used a “killing grandma” motif against Paul Ryan. Note that in this video, Obama’s actual own voice is heard saying some very deadly words.

“We wanted to give him credit … in his own words,” said Dr. Kristin Held, an ophthalmologist in San Antonio, Texas, and a co-founder of AmericanDoctors4Truth, which favors a more free-market medical system.<source>

This would be funny if it were not so serious. Liberals can laugh all they want about Obama and his trail of destruction, but one day soon it will be they who are in the doctor’s office reaping the rotten fruit of what they have sown.

That is, unless we rise up to reverse and destroy Obamacare NOW and every day until it is gone. SOURCE


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