The New Judge and Jury (Ignorance)

You know people, there comes a time in life where at some point you just want to explode. Today I had one of those moments, I am reading through the news and I find this article about Spike Lee. It appears that Spike Lee decided to take matters into his own hands and Tweet George Zimmerman’s Home Address. My first thought was “What a Piece of Shit Lee is.”  In the height of the Trayvon Martin shooting by George Zimmerman, I am pissed the hell off that here Spike Lee is basically calling for a lynching. Perhaps not an actual Lynching but what other reason is there for Spike to be passing out this guys address? Come on logic states that nothing good will come from this activity, and if any harm befalls George Zimmerman and or his family, I sincerely hope that Spike Lee will be charged for inciting violence.

I don’t know what if anything besides poor judgment Zimmerman is guilty of but I do know that it is for the to courts deal justice out in this country, not mobs, and certainly not Spike (I wish I was still important) Lee. I hope the AG of whatever state Spike calls home is seriously looking into this mans actions. There is one thing we can always count on when there is an issue that makes national headlines about a man of color. Al Sharpton, the Rev Jessie Jackson and the other feeders that keep racism alive are there to stir the pot. It sickens me that more people do not see them for what they are which is enablers of Racism for continuing to hang every issue on Racism.

The New Black Panther Party ( actually nothing new about them) Has a Wanted Dead or Alive poster out with George Zimmerman’s picture on it. I saw this and I already knew what pieces of shit the same ole, same ole Black Panther Party was so was not surprised but where is the ire from the American public? If the KKK were issuing a dead or alive poster you know Holder and everybody else would be baring down on them like mad. Our society is crumbling, it probably started when we started not reprimanding our children, when we quit keeping scores in games, when we removed competition from our children’s lives, when  we began to think it was wrong our child was sent to detention for breaking the rules at school. In other words it began when we decided parenting was damaging to our children who now raise children that think life does not involve work. Morals became a thing of the past and even though many of you see there is a lack of morality in society who do you have to thank? Take a look in the mirror. This country has had freedom of religion since its founding but now god loving people are under attack and who is to blame? Look in the mirror if you are not reading this and nodding yes, look in the mirror and see who has set the stage for the Spike Lees, the New Black Panther Party and the demise of morality in this country.




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  1. If anything happens then Spike needs to be one the first to be arrested for inciting violence. I suppose that Spike is just so unimportant now that he needs to keep in the public eye somehow. Sad little POS is Spike.

  2. I could not agree with you more on the fact that if anything happens he needs to be among the first people arrested and made to understand no matter how famous our nation will not tolerate crap like this.

    I feel that what we are seeing is true racism, these types don’t care if it is right or wrong the jump on the band wagon based solely on the color of someones skin. Spike lee would not be tweeting any addresses if this were a white on white issue.

  3. Spike do the right thing…..and die.

  4. Spike would not be tweeting if it was a black on black and would be laughing if it was a black on white issue.

    • I have to say I agree with you. Problem with Spike’s type is they are hypocritical, their Ire and hatred is based on skin color and not right or wrong. Hell even Obama and Holder ride the same band wagon as Spike. They could do us all a favor and zip their damn lips if they are unable to comment based on facts rather than some distorted belief of racism.

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