Follow The Red Flag….Wake The Hell Up America!

‘Follow the Red Flag!’

I’ve been spending as much time as I can down at Occupy Wall Street, listening to the speeches, reading the literature, talking to the organizers. Here’s something to keep in mind: You’ll hear in a lot of the conservative media that this is some kind of socialist/communist enterprise piggybacking on a populist protest. In reality, it is much worse than even most of the conservative media is reporting.

Almost every organization present at OWS is explicitly communist or socialist. Almost every piece of literature being handed out is explicitly communist or socialist. I don’t mean half, and I don’t mean the overwhelming majority — I mean almost all of it. Yes, there are the usual union goons trying to figure out how to get OWS to do the bidding of the AFL-CIO and the Democratic party, and the usual smattering of New Age goo (the “Free Empathy” table) and po-mo Left wackiness (animal-rights nuts), the inevitable Let’s-Eradicate-Israel crowd (“Free Palestine, from the river to the sea!”). But, that being said, almost every organized enterprise and piece of printed material I have encountered has been socialist or communist. It’s been a long time since I saw anybody peddling books by Lenin. It’s been a long time since anybody told me the Ukrainians had it coming.

When the protesters were rallying to march to Times Square, out went the call: “Follow the red flag!” Which is what they did, literally and, I fear, figuratively.

Interesting, then, that Barack Obama has decided to lend some presidential legitimacy to the proceedings. OWS isn’t a socialist revolution — I’d be surprised if it ever escalated past the vandalism stage — but it imagines itself to be, and Barack Obama suggests that he is in sympathy with it.  This reminds me of something . . . a particular image . . .

Speaking of vandalism, I witnessed a bit of it on Saturday, when a protester denied the use of the facilities at a local pizza shop began tearing up merchandise and throwing it in the garbage. The owner caught the vandal outside and put him in a bear-hug, yelling for somebody to call the police. The police eventually showed up and, of course, did something close to nothing. A few union goons loitering outside the pizza shop began to taunt the owner: “You feel better now? You got that out of your system?” The shop owner was an immigrant, who probably came to this country under the mistaken notion that the police would be here to protect his property and that random acts of destruction would be at least frowned upon by his fellow citizens.

“Follow the red flag!” Yes, indeed.


We are facing a turning point in America’s History people, this is not something small, this is about Socialism, Communism and the progressive Liberal agenda. The above is but one story but it speaks volumes, about the agenda that has been set upon with the Occupy Wall-Street crowd. If people turn a blind eye to the Labor Unions influence, or the political pushing from those that believe this country should be something less than the America we have known all our lives, then the special interest groups will step in and truly diminish the United States of America in a way that will impact all of our lives negatively.

Why is nobody from this crowd up in DC protesting in front of the White House. Obama gave these clowns they are mad at the money, Obama continued the bailouts Bush started and added to them. Do the math, people got greedy but they were enabled big time by the Obama Machine. Let me pose a few questions here; Do you feel it is your right to be able to seek work and not be forced to work for the Government (Unions)? Because that’s where we are headed. Think back to the old days of the original Jimmy Hoffa, hell, further back when unions were just a bunch of thugs and racketeers. We have come full circle people, the Unions are as much a part of the problem in this country as are the Wall Street greeders. Obama and his pals Stern, Trumpka and many others are seeking to control this country and and require you to work towards the support of the people unwilling to work in this country. The more they get on board with this plan the more the scales of justice tip in favor of the plague that seeks another America and to rob us of our very rights as stated in the constitution. Our congress and senate have reached an impasse. Liberal democrats squandered their power in the house and were rightfully voted out.  Why do you think Biden is out trying to force a jobs bill down our throats? Why do you think Obama is out trying to divide this country and cram another half trillion dollar bill down out throats. What is Obama not telling you? Even the Democrats were not willing to put their necks on the line for his jobs bill. Obama would have you believe that it did not pass due to lack of Republican support, or he is blaming the Tea Party. Bottom line, do not be fooled the Democrats know they cannot push such a heavily cash laden bill through the house and the senate and even begin to have hopes of reelection. Why? Because we are broke and this would be one of the final nails in our coffin.

Obama is scared, his presidency hangs in the balance, his numbers are down so he has backed this wall street protest, has his union pals organizing it and providing muscle. Listen to the words, listen to the tone, it is division Obama seeks there is no doubt. He is flailing and doing all the underhanded crap he can do to try to pull off a win. Do you understand that the moment someone gets hurt at this protest, the fool can be pointed at and be blamed for his recklessness in backing a protest such as occupy wall-street. This is not a leader we have it is a destroyer of the life we have come to expect as citizens of the United States of America.

DENY OBAMA 2012 it is our only hope to reclaiming our nation.


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