The Second Bolshevik Revolution?

“October 1917 is when the Russian Revolution occurred,” he explained, “and now, in October 2011, the next American ‘revolution’ is in its infancy.”

“The second Bolshevik Revolution is beginning in the United States of America, egged on by our first communist president and his cronies. His adviser David Axelrod is a lifetime street agitator, going back to their days together in Chicago.

“Obama is using the rabble in the gutters to draw attention away from the ‘Fast and Furious’ Mexican gunrunning scandal, and all the other scandals in this administration.

“The president and his friends are glad to deflect the anger of the people onto the so-called ‘rich,’ when in fact they are the rich.

“It was Wall Street and the banks that put Obama in the White House, as I explained in my previous book, Trickle Up Poverty.

“The hedge-fund thieves who caused the collapse of the American economy and who ushered in Obama’s reign of terror are the ones who should be attacked, not the ordinary small-business owner.

“The assets of these hedge fund thieves should be seized as illegitimately gained assets. The biggest fortunes in American history were made by betting against your mortgage.

“Some people made over a billion dollars while you lost your house.

“And most of them are Democrats.”



You know the above words could be nothing, they as well could hold substance. Time will tell, as it sits right now there are too many on the left from the unions to the progressives and completely littered with liberals, all willing to sell this country down the road for some Utopian nightmare they hope to create. The problem is most of these people are capitalists making huge sums of money on the stock market, through huge business deals and movies, records and media. They are all hypocrites and in reality they have no answer for the problems. They only attack others plans to fix the problems we are facing. Look at Obama, pushing a jobs bill with what? Shovel Ready Jobs…..We have heard that line before. He is supporting the Occupy Wall Street idiocy yet he accepted untold million in donations from Wall Street investors.

Eric Holder, Liar or Incompetent? We have people dead over a program he was made aware of and now seems unable to recall if he even knew about even though there are numerous pieces of communication that were informing him of the Fast and Furious gun running program. Read the above article again and tell me if you cannot see the struggle for the life of this country beginning to rise. These people who want a different America are seeking to become peasants under a dictator. It is to bad that they are not smart enough to educate themselves on the history and beliefs of the people who are using them as pawns.








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