What I would like to ask is; where are we now compared to then? Our nation is so divided now and then we were one, everybody mattered and there was no division. Of course we are ten years down the road but why the division? Who is leading this country? Who? We have a politician who from the day he took office began to strategically divide this nation, aided by the mainstream media and the liberal left. We all need to look back to that day ten years ago and ask ourselves were we better of then or now? When Obama did not stand up and speak to the people who were tearing Joe the Plumber to pieces because he asked a question everybody with an understanding of right and wrong should have seen that Obama was just a coward unwilling to stand up and tell people to stop. But no he sat by quietly and allowed that bull shit to go on. Americans digging into the background, illegally gaining information about Joe and spreading it through the media, violating his privacy, and why? Because he asked a question and Obama tipped his hand about spreading the wealth. Our nation has never been the same since that day. 9-11 made us stronger, Obama has made us weaker and still to this day does all he can to keep us a nation divided.

Watch him and listen to Obama on his campaign for reelection. He is not trying to bring the nation together, he is playing politics as he accuses others of doing it. He should be in Washington doing his job not pounding the streets hoping for four more years to bring this nation  to its knees. He’s a hypocritical liar, he is a cheat, a crook and only plays at leadership. He has squandered any chance of us getting our economy righted, and now again in the face of trillions upon trillions of debt he wants to spend more on the bullshit line of Shovel Ready Jobs. Obama is a fraud, with no skills but a forked tongue and even that is getting old. We as a nation need him gone, the sooner the better. If you care about this country, your children’s futures, and freedom, remember that the Obama campaign strikes with the blade of hatred at the heart of our great nation. God Bless America!


Make November 2012 the end of the Obama Reign.



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  1. What an inspired post, nice job. “…the blade of hatred…” is an apt description of how Obama is trying to tear this nation apart with socialist envy and hatred of wealth and success. He seems to want nothing more than a nation of slavish poor who are beholden to the federal government, and if he needs to use the government to impoverish the middle class, so be it.

    And if you look at what he has done, and not done, since taking office, you certainly see a series of actions designed to limit choice and to throw gasoline on the flames of national and global disaster. His time on the golf course while oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, and then his imposition of a 7-year drilling ban that cemented the economic devastation of our Gulf states, is but one item on a long list of arteries ripped by this assassin.

  2. I have to agree with you and I just wish millions more people of this great nation would truly see the imposed restrictions as with the drilling ban that have been put in place at a time when the Assassin Fraud is supposed to be righting the economy. He wants the people beholden to the government and he wants the government beholden to the rest of the world.

    I just saw a clip of him on TV saying something about the ship is headed in the wrong direction. Well maybe he should look in the mirror and see who is at the helm. Of course it is headed in the wrong direction. I found some solace last night when some in his campaign said he faces the huge struggle for reelection. I know it is a call for support but also there is truth within those words.

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