The words of Patriots? Doesn’t sound like it.

REP. FREDERICA WILSON, D-FLA.: Let’s all remember who the real enemy is. And the real enemy is the Tea Party!

“I’m not afraid of anybody. … And as far as I’m concerned, the tea party can go straight to hell.” — Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.

Just two examples of how the liberal machine does not get it.

I have a question for congress, each and every single congressman or congresswoman;

” Whom are you elected to serve?”

A. The people that elected you.


B. Your entire district.

There can be only one answer.

The correct answer is; “B. Your entire district”

But Ms. Waters does not get that, nor does Ms. Wilson, it does not mater what level of congress you are at you may be elected by the majority but that does not mean you only serve those who voted you in. No, you serve your entire district. So I can say with a level of certainty that in both these women’s districts have at least one Tea Party member or at least a supporter of the Tea Party ideals. Both of these women in what I consider unpatriotic hate speech have now labeled members of their district “The Real Enemy” and told those members of their districts that they can “Go Straight to Hell!” During the debt debate we had members of congress calling the Tea Party freshmen, “Terrorists” This is a sign of exactly how much hate there is in congress and the reason it is broken. Obama does not attempt to bridge the gap, no, he fuels the fire with his rhetoric. Now his sales pitch is to blame congress for the nations woes. Surprisingly I buy some of that line of thought because I see Pelosi, Rangle, Reid, Waters, Lee, and so many other liberals spewing hate because other responsibly minded people understand the spending spree needs to stop. This country is broke and Obama and his party are considering another stimulus of an even larger size. So the country will suffer due to the actions of this liberally minded party that thinks printing money and devaluing the dollar is the way to go, and anybody who stands against that thought pattern will be labeled a racist, an enemy, or told to go to hell. Never in my life have I seen so many people fail at their jobs and chastise so many people for trying to save The United States of America!


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  1. Jeff - havin' fun August 31, 2011 — 12:11 am

    these progressives are scared to death of people being informed of the truth – there for they will lie and lie and lie

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