The Loss of Humanity; American Atheists and the Ground Zero Cross.



The group known as American Atheists has now begun to wage a legal war on the Ground Zero Cross that so many people have come to believe is a sign from God. Now I have an issue with this because the American Atheists say not only Christians were killed at that spot on 911. I agree with this statement but I would ask; was it only Atheists that died that day? Because the American Atheists argument sounds like they are the only ones that matter.

I believe this is a bigger problem than just the Ground Zero Cross, it has to do with Atheists and their views on religion of which they say there is no God and that religious symbols or displays in public are offensive to them and should not be allowed. Yet if we look at the situation they are in fact practicing their view on religion every day as with this lawsuit they have filed over the Ground Zero Cross. Is it not somewhat hypocritical of this group to say none of your belief in public but all of our belief is acceptable?

I have to say I have a couple of friends that do not share my belief in God and not once have I ever been chastised for my beliefs nor have they been so by me for not believing in God. This is a free country and every single lawsuit filed like this to take away peoples freedom of worship “Any Time, Any Where” no matter what their beliefs is just another step to eat away at our freedoms that are what this country is all about. So I have to wonder about this American Atheists Group and ponder on how American they truly are, how patriotic they truly are and if they have ever looked in the mirror and acknowledged that they are single minded trying to take away rights from people because those people do not share their same views on religion?

I say to the American Atheists Group, in my eyes you are free to have the views you have on religion and I really don’t care what you believe, what I do care about is that you be able to understand not everything is meant to be offensive and that until you decide to only practice your belief in the privacy of your own homes, you have no right to expect that from people who believe in God. I ask this question, if you read my statement above about “Any Time, Any Where” this is the motto you live by, and you should but you still seek to deny others that right.

What it looks like on the surface is a group of people who are extremely self-centered thinking their belief trumps everybody else’s. When times in this country are as bad as they are now, you American Atheists file lawsuits that the taxpayers are going to have to pay for and all to serve your own self-centered agenda. Live and let live, there is a motto for you and you ought to give it a shot. But please stop all your narrow minded whining about things you don’t believe in offending you. If you don’t believe in it, what’s the problem?



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  1. Don’t Believe I could possible add anything more to what you have said my friend.

    Well said

  2. Thank You. I even took the time to go to their website and post the link in the contact us email and offered them a chance to reply.

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