Hitting the Nail on the Head

I offer here a small but priceless nugget of truth, probably not a truth many in this nation are going to want to get behind and acknowledge, but truth none the less. This also reminded me of the humorous political imagery quite common on one of my favorite blogs SASOC-Mastersons Musings. SASOC is continually hitting the nail on the head.  To SASOC I say keep up the good work… I thought the O.R.G.A.S.M.  “Obama Run Government Assisted State Media” was Priceless!! Located in the bottom left of the picture with all the usual suspects. (click pic to enlarge)



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  1. Thank you my friend. It’s been awhile since I’ve done graphics, but I’ve been cooking up some lite fare this evening, which I’ll post soon…

  2. The graphics was just one angle…the fact that on your blog you drive home solid points on a daily basis …People come away perhaps seeing the plight and the justification for a need to have their voices heard. Our nation is in uncharted territory and people that understand this need to speak out because too many in this nation are content to graze like cattle never caring what goes on as long as there is grass to graze upon.

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