Raising Revenue is no Bake Sale


      I watched a segment on Fox News this past Saturday that had a Republican and a Democrat debating the budget. The Republican was for slashing the budget because it is quite obvious to anyone and everyone that this country has a deficit that is out of control. The Democrat however had a somewhat different take on the situation and getting our deficit under control again. He chastised the Republican for being unwilling to barter by allowing “Raising Revenue” to be part of the negotiation strategy in trying to hammer out a deal regarding reducing spending. Ok for those not paying attention, the term the Democrats are now using is “Raising Revenue”. They use this term hoping you the American Citizen will not understand that it means “Raising Taxes”. How else does our government Raise Revenue? Do you see any federal bake sales going on? I am sure Michelle Obama is not going to condone a candy drive is she? Maybe they are banking on huge sales of the Nancy Pelosi bobble-head dolls? The long and short of it is this; Raising Revenue = Raising Taxes, Raising Taxes hits you in the wallet. Why is it so hard to understand the spending has to stop? There is plenty to cut from the budget even before talking about Medicare and Social Security. The problem is the Democrats are unwilling to, or unable to stop spending. They are like drug addicts doing anything they can to prevent the spending party from coming to an end, even if that means destroying the country.

To be honest to cut Social Security means perpetrating a crime against every single person who has paid into the Social Security fund throughout their lives. But again who do we thank for that? The people who spent that money in the first place. Social Security should have been and was until L.B. Johnson a locked box full of untouchable money unless you were a retiree. Once Johnson broke the lock off that box politicians on both sides of the aisle began to drool. Money to congress is like blood in the water to a shark, they smell it and some primal drive takes over and they have to find some way to spend it. Now however, our nation weighs in the balance and our president and a majority of the Democrats are like crack addicts and seeking out every way possible to not have to cut spending and god forbid not be able to grow our government even bigger. So understand when you hear the term from the Democrats “Raising Revenue” it means “WE WANT YOU TO PAY MORE!!!” Simple code for piling on more taxes on the American People. I say enough is enough get busy and do your job and that means work for the people…..Stop Spending and Cut The Damn Budget!!!



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  1. An illustration of the progressives view the Bush Debt and how to fix it –

    “Hmmmm seems as though America has a hole in it’s head and is bleeding profusely. Any suggestions on how we can fix this gaping wound that we did not cause but was here when we arrived?”

    “Lets make a bigger hole” ….

    “Yeah, and blame Bush since he started it”

    “Hey I like that Idea”

    A speech by our president –

    “Today I have propose a multibillion dollar tax raise and a tripling of the national debt along with an increase in the debt ceiling. We are taking these steps to counter act the irresponsible acts of the previous administrations on spending.”

  2. he has gone too far and soon there will be a civil war and the communist will not win, LIVE FREE OR DIE, my brother.

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