Hating on Palin vs the Idiocy of Obama


What can you say? Left Wing Liberals are Blind, Deaf and STUPID!!!



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  1. I hate that damn all timers it really messes up your memory, The stupidity of the left never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Yeah what the hell was that they hammer Palin and our president does not even know America did “NOT” invent the Automobile…lol

  3. yeah and someone died like 4 years after he lost insurance but then got it back with in 2 months so he had insurance for 3 years and 10 months and then died … hell of an argument there … DUH

  4. Yeah the liberals simply will not look at the reality, they are biased and blinded to any wrong or misstep Obummer may make. They point a lot of fingers but never at themselves. Honestly Obummer is a fucking lame. Tonight he talks about pulling our troops out and it is so stinking obvious that he would sentence some soldiers to death by pulling out needed back-up so he could gain some political favor within his own base.

  5. He is their Chosen one, The Savior, THE One, The beginning of a new and beautiful America where the rich are no longer and the poor are even more poor, and the only ones with anything are the socialist leaders that take everything for the good of the people and give it to themselves.

    Sorry I don’t smoke that Hopeum.

  6. Hopeum…lol that rocks, it works too cause anybody still willing to cast a vote for such a fucking hypocritical loser has to be high. That piece of shit is raping America and half the population think he is helping fix things. You have to know how to fix something before you can fix it…He is a spend happy fool killing our nation.

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