Christopher Titus Thy Mouth Runneth Over.


Christopher Titus, comedian, born and raised in my neck of the woods, and another example of fame trumping common sense. We sadly live in a society that is witnessing a moral break down. This guy Titus was on a show hosted by an even larger mouth and goes on to joke about waiting on the “Grassy Knoll” if Sarah Palin were ever elected President. Not only is this a show of complete and utter idiocy but one begs to wonder where in his brain did he think this was an appropriate comment in any setting? This is where we hit the brick wall of thickness. You read of this guys hard life, you read of how he almost died and how he took that moment to turn his life around. Then you read or hear what comes out of his mouth, and you just sort of stand there in amazement at how glad you are that ignorance isn’t contagious.

Let it be known that he did apologize to the Palin family and the Kennedey family today on Facebook. Good job there but at this point one has to wonder was the apology sincere, honorable, or was it damage control because many people were outraged over the statement he had made?

I for one am getting tired of celebrities who think their fame is free license to run off at the mouth and not have to exercise any moral constraint. Mr. Titus is just one and this now speaks to a bigger picture. So many celebrities use their fame as a soap box pulpit to shout at and attack the people they don’t like, never considering those people are human beings. They have families and friends and fame should never be used as your ticket to attack somebody. They also never consider that often many of their fans are offended by this rhetoric. So Titus joins the ranks now and is in sad company with the likes of Maher, Griffin, Behar, people who have displayed an inability to consider what is right and wrong but rather just run their mouths without any worry of the consequences.

It is disappointing to say the least, and we will leave it at that.



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  1. Another progressive liberal speaking on civility, What a fucking moron

  2. It is amazing that these people, think this talk is acceptable.

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