Perverted Reality—-Anthony Weiner



I have to tell you people, watching this idiot pictured below state he is taking full responsibility while failing to resign is almost as perverted as this dolts actions on the internet. Really, how can anybody ever believe in this plotting little whelp who gets his rocks off sending picks of his prick to women young enough to be his daughter. Did he apologize for the pictures he sent that were unsolicited? Did he truly apologize or did he hold a press conference because he knew the shit was about to hit the fan and he was out of options save for throwing himself on his own sword?

Sadly people like this find their way into political life and it happens on both sides of the isle. But right now it is happening on the left side of the isle and he is trying his damnedest to not have to resign. Should he resign? Of course he should, he has the judgment of an idiot and the morals of a freaking pervert. If he had one ounce of class he would hang it up and seek a new career. Considering he has not just screwed his life up think of his wife, the people who supported him and all the people that voted him into office and now know he is nothing more than another perverted power hungry politician unwilling to do the right thing. Yet another piece of shit that thinks his actions are not worthy of him resigning.



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  1. Maybe he is holding out until he gets a television show offer, as some other prominent pervs have recently been able to do. All you need to do is watch the confrontations with the press to see his 5150 mentality strike out; his superior attitude and lecture-style answers are typical of a guy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Maybe he needs to go to a movie with Pee Wee Herman!!!

  2. Hey Great post, he may be hoping for a TV show or some other offer. His attitude is almost like it is not truly a big deal. It however is a big deal and to compromise his office in such a manner shows exactly how impeachable this guys character is. 5150, you nailed that on the head for sure, the guy is a nut-job and from the first time I saw him hacking it out with some republican, I said to myself, “This guy has problems”

    I had to laugh at the Pee Wee Herman comment. If Weiner does not get a lucrative offer he will probably have a yard sale where all his pants are half off. =) Could not help myself.

  3. Weiner is a Liar and a perv … he has now admitted that one of his twitter babes was under age. This is the guy who sponsored the web predator act … LMAO

    Sadly NY will vote the pile of dog turd back into office

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