Van Jones and his empty patriotism


It is time for people like Van Jones to be seen for what they are….a cancer on the ass of America! This guy is a joke and the sad thing is people listen to him as he spews his hatred for the American way of life. If he had his was we would all be living in a communist like state and we would not have the freedoms countless numbers have spilled their blood to assure we would have. He talks fancy, but his message is flawed because it has nothing to do with fixing our nation but rather, it is an attempt to push our nation over the edge beyond repair. Stating Paul Ryan is worse than Al Queda. Really? I mean Really Van? You think that balancing our budget and shutting down the massive spending party is worse than people who would destroy America and all of her citizens if they had the chance? Van Jones is scum and people need to understand that because he has no love for America, he seeks to change and mold America into his communistic dream.


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  1. Look Progressive assholes there are plenty of communist states out there in which you could go live, keep your fucking hands off OUR Republic

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