Finally! Why did Obama drag his feet?

Well, finally Obama has unveiled his birth certificate for all to see, Obama followed that up by stating what most Americans already knew – that he was born in Hawaii. Obama said the nation has bigger, more important issues to talk about, saying he was ‘puzzled and amused’ that ‘sideshows and carnival barkers’ keep getting dragged on and on and on. He said America doesn’t have time for this ‘silliness’ and it’s time to move on.


Actually Mr. O, the time to move on has come and gone and you could have ended the silliness when the issue first raised its ugly head. Why was it so important that you spent a shit load of money to keep the BC under wraps?

Why did Obama feel that he was above the rest of the people that seek government office, let alone the office of the president. Produce the BC and get over it. WTF!!

Of course he will try to marginalize any who questioned his place of birth, but what he has done is bowed (once again) to pressure and questions that he was to this point unwilling to answer once and for all. This is Obama’s style of operation, wait, ignore, squirm and finally BOW!

Do I think we as a country have more important things to address? You damn well know it skippy, but Obama played a part in this and people need to understand he has done everything he possibly can to be anything but “Transparent”

Now how about we see an entire group of candidates, attack the soaring gas prices, the failure to allow us to tap into our own oils supplies here at home and the thousands upon thousands of jobs lost due to his ban on drilling in the gulf and other places indefinitely. He is ripe for the picking and the coffin just needs to be nailed shut on his campaign…He has damaged this country and he has cast us into a generations worth of despair before we have any hope of our America rising back to its level of greatness. This is the exact reason the most important job in the nation needs somebody who understands what leadership is and is in touch with the American people. This clown Obama needs to go!


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  1. Its a fraud

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