Tea Party Hatred from the Left

Here people is a picture that I have done a small bit of doctoring to simply to illustrate a point.

I Feel it is important in my opinion to demonstrate the polarization that is taking place in this country and the fact that many people like the person pictured here are content to fan the flames instead of demand action.

Here is the original picture posted for the benefit of decency and fairness.

As you can see this person is decked out in Tea Bags but holding a sign stating they have never been Tea Bagged.

Here is one of their reachable links displaying their commentary. Now this may not actually be the person spreading the hate.


Here are the categories listed in their blog

Antisemitism, Homophobia, Illiteracy, Misinformation, Racism, Tea Party, Intimidation, Tea Party Violence, Tools.

Now I can vouch for Illiteracy as they surely believe if you can’t spell you can’t have a valid argument, or to say the least you need not be considered.

It must be understood that this not an attack but more of an indicator about peoples thought patterns and how right and wrong mean nothing to some people.

This country is in deep debt and our economy is on the verge of collapse and instead of acting like an American Patriot this person, one of many is dead set on attacking a large group (The Tea Party) by vilifying them via the words and actions of a few.

I would like to take this moment to point out the liberal mindset in Wisconsin, Fleeing the state to avoid doing their jobs, Failing to uphold and execute their solemn duty, protests that did millions of dollars worth of damage in and around the state capital of Wisconsin. let us not forget numerous death threats and people going to the home of the Governor to protest as well.  None of these actions were undertaken by the Tea Party.

I will be the first to tell you that in any large group there are bound to be radicals, extremists and the fringe element. But this persons mission statement

“Dedicated to showing the Tea Party as it really is: White, uninformed, illiterate, bigoted, manipulative and deceitful.”

Is pathetic, hateful and makes you wonder if they have many friends who are not far left loons? I mean they are employing the very same actions they is blaming The Tea Party for being guilty of. If they have a single friend who is not a liberal and is a conservative Tea Party follower, well they obviously do not care if they insult them with their blanket hateful labeling of a group of people who’s goal is to deliver the United States of America back into the hands of We The People. Shrinking the federal government and putting a stop to the out of control spending that we see coming out of the Obama Administration and the democrats as well.

Of course this is all my honest opinion on how I feel about this persons actions and I now understand just how careless some people can be in their quest to spread hate and fan the flames.

In my entire life I have taken care to understand that people are what they make of themselves and that is why I have taken the time to focus on this person who thought I was incapable of thought.

I welcome all responses and I hide from no words, when the post is made to my blog it is considered as a invitation to elaborate on. I have done so and I have been kinder than I believe is deserved from someone who willingly spreads hate.


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