Another Democrat that thinks the Dems grant us rights

What else is there to say? it is idiots like this guy and the people applauding who do not believe in the freedoms given to us by God…Not Politicians. Maybe thats the problem…They Think they are Gods.



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  1. What an arse, these people think they actually have powers that can wield over others, it is sickening

  2. As if the GOP and the chronically ignorant Tea Baggers don’t think that all rights are granted by them…

    It’s the fact that our rights protected by the Constitution from those who would presume to act and speak for God is what saves us from Tea Bagging brownshirts like you.

    Stop pushing your beliefs on others: Your rights end where others begin.

  3. Wow that was intelligent…NOT! Look I have read your dribble and frankly you sound like the Lefty Loon, Soros loving ObamaZombie that you are. Get a clue you Lefties are killing this country and you don’t give a shit and the only time you have something to say which is always negative is when someone actually stands up for AMERICA!!! So call me a Brown Shirt as it helps your case in your mind…But I love America while you have pledged to aid in it’s destruction! Sure you have rights and left up to you you would strip anybody’s rights if they did not follow your cultist beliefs. Drink some more kool-aid. The Tea is too DAMN good for you! lol

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