Charlie Sheen; IDIOT on PARADE…Loser!

You know I watch this and other clips of Charlie in his state of perpetual melt-down and I wonder just how fucking stupid and lost is this man? The guy is like 46 years old and acting like a spoiled brat in his teens on a rant because he is unwilling to accept the consequences of his own actions. It is sad to see, hard to hear and a true example of what drugs, booze and money will do to a person so immature and so weak. The sadder part is the leaches hanging around with him and cheering him on as he drives the wrong way on the highway of life spinning his wheels towards a self-made fate. The guy is a father yet could give a crap about the image he sets for his children.

On May 20, 1998, Sheen overdosed on self-injected cocaine and was hospitalized. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and Sheen was sent to rehab.
March 2005, Richards filed for divorce, accusing Sheen of alcohol and drugs abuse and threats of violence.
2009, Sheen was arrested and released from jail after posting an $8,500 bond. According to Debbie Kendrick of Pitkin County Jail, Sheen was booked under his legal name of Carlos Estevez.  Sheen was charged with felony menacing as well as third-degree assault and criminal mischief.
Lets not forget he shot Kelly Preston accidentally in 1990.
Most recently he made the threat that he would cut off his ex-wife’s head and mail it to her mother. This lead to a restraining order and the loss of his children.

He sure sets a prime example of what not to be. There are times in people lives it is time to wake the hell up, sadly Charlie is missing the messages because he is too busy opening his mouth and inserting his feet.

So Charlie, stick some more cigarettes up your nose, drink your tigers blood and while doing so ask your self what happened to your life. Rock Bottom Rapidly Approaching…You have however earned a spot on my new category”Idiots on Parade” Congrats…Loser!


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  1. This man should be in a padded room with a straight jacket

  2. Ha Ha, I agree with you but he is no man, idiot piece of crap, that he is. Whatever manhood was dealt to him at birth he has long since squandered away…Look how he whines, rants, and distorts his situation…It is never Charlie’s fault, the world is out to get him…His motto should be “Losing!”

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