This is so GOOD…This idiot works in congress!


Sometimes you just have to sit back a wonder; What The Hell Is This Dope Smoking?



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  1. Capsize?! What a fool! I thought we had problems with our MPs but that’s scary lol

  2. Man I am telling you I saw this and wonder how this guy gets through life on a daily schedule. I don’t know how he got elected unless people in his neck of the woods share equal thought patterns. This idiot takes the cake and the trophy for being Dumber Than A Stump!!

  3. LMAO – I have seen this before and was completely aghast at the stupidity of this man, and then I was completely understanding of his stupidity realizing who probably voted him into office. I am sure he seems intelligent at HIS town hall meetings.

    Seriously who ties the mans shoes and makes sure they are on the correct feet in the morning

  4. In the words of John McNroe: “This guy can’t be serious!!!” The dude is insane, or joking, but if it’s for real he should be impeached for wasting the time of a uniformed officer.

  5. says the content of this video is true. Honestly a person would hope that it was not because nobody should be that thick. Especially not one of this nations law makers.

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