When opportunity knocks…

It has been a few days since that nut job Jared Loughner acted without remorse and killed 6 people and tried to kill more. Now already we have people on the left trying to hang this on the right, specifically the Tea Party. The problem here is their claims lack factual credibility. But what is truly sad is these idiots from the sheriff to the politicians is they open their mouths and wag their tongues never worrying about their own hate speech and their own tactless, baseless claims that are nothing more than opinion. I am very much right leaning and I am appalled at the acts of Jared Loughner and to be honest I have been praying like crazy for all remaining victims to pull through and make a full recovery, especially Gabby Giffords.

You see nobody of sound mind wants this sort of thing to happen and anybody with any heart reaches out morally to the families who lost loved ones and does so with great compassion. So it is insulting that some people on the left look to stand tall and point fingers. If it was simple ideology I would be asking these left-leaning people to do some soul-searching because it was them who acted like they were the elite and not the servants of the people. You see the level of political anger in this country rests as much on their shoulders as it does on the right’s shoulders. However this guy was a freaking NUT JOB! You could make a case he was more left than right since his favorite books were the communists hand book (only the Democrats have an admitted communist in their ranks) and Mein Kamph. He had an issue with the bible, which is quite common on the liberal left as well. He was also a flag burner which the left has agreed was a right. So the case is there and were it my motive I would push that train of thought.

My motive however is to point out this was one sick puppy, my thoughts are mentally ill and as well drug induced delusions. I do  not believe his actions were anti right or anti left, I believe he was wound too tight and ready to snap. He had an issue with Gabby Giffords long before the Tea Party was even around so lets say we just can the opportunistic rhetoric and get real. This is Obama’s chance to make things right, does anybody truly believe he will step up to the plate and call for an end to the finger-pointing from the left? No he is not a leader he is a man in a position of power unwilling to use that power for the good of the nation.

So lets say we all get real and we ask that the finger-pointing stop as you who point those fingers do so at your own people even though you know deep down it is not their fault but you do it in hopes of political gain. Get a damn life and act like adults that care about their country and not some idiots looking to unseat a party in the next election over this senseless act of hostility. You should be ashamed of yourselves looking to gain political ground when citizens of this country have been murdered. Gabby, if I read her career right would be ashamed to know those of you on the left were using her, and the other victims to further your political careers. You people disgust me and you should be run from your offices…Jared is a sick man but how are you any better if you are using this incident to further your political standing by labeling the innocent with the blame. Shame, Shame, God have mercy on you.



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  1. My teacher yelled at me when I was 8 years old … said my hand writing was bad, I have an excuse to kill.

    NO ONE take responsiblity for THEIR choises, actions and life any more. SO DAMN tired of it. LIFE IS A BITCH get over it and don’t bring it on anyone else.

  2. and if you are so week minded as to let someone you never met convince you to kill someone or commit an act of terror, by spewing what ever they believe or you percieve they believe. You are a pathetic piece of shit. and need to march on over to mamby pamby land and get some freaking brains … damn jackwagons

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