What to do? The list is already growing.

Happy New Year every body!!!

There is one thing we can be sure of as this year 2011 starts to roll forward in time, President Slappy will do whatever it takes to continue to keep his fat knuckled fingers in his mutated ears. the people voted in november for change, but he keeps right on going like he never heard a word. He heard them, we know damn well he heard our voices, every vote that came in he had to hear as he saw the Pelosi lead debacle come to a crashing halt. The wind has left their sails. However ole Slappy himself is skirting congress and allowing the FCC to do the same thing as well.What we have to do is demand that our representatives listen to us and start firing all the cannons at once to bring the Obama cruise line to a halt! This guy is a joke and he D O E S  N O T  G E T  I T !

We the people with proper representation can pack this man up and assure that he is a one term nightmare. But people need to make calls, send emails and faxes to congress and demand that there is less power and less ability for the commander and thief to bypass congress for anything. he is acting like our votes don’t matter and in many ways he is a rogue politician bordering on the edge of criminality.



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  1. He seem to hate America and those that love what America is supposed to be. He regards the constitution as a wall that must be crushed rather then an amazing way to run a country and assure freedom. He is a socialist and believes the Government is the amswer to all problems, when we as Americans see the government AS the propblem.

  2. He and many of his party do not understand, or perhaps they do understand the damage they are doing to this country by not upholding their oath to uphold THE CONSTITUTION!!! Treasonous bastards every one of them.

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