DURHAM, NC (WTVD) — Durham’s city council is getting an earful over a controversial plan to allow Mexican immigrants to use a special Mexican ID card for Mexican citizens living outside Mexico.

If approved, Durham would be the first city in the state to accept the Matricula Consular. It’s an identification card issued by the Government of Mexico through its consulate offices to Mexican citizens residing outside of Mexico regardless of their emigration status.

The card is accepted as ID by many police departments nationwide, and many banks accept it for financial transactions.

According to an opinion from the Durham City Attorney, “the official purpose of the card is to demonstrate that the holder is a Mexican citizen living outside of Mexico. It includes an official Government of Mexico issued ID number and bears a photograph and address of the Mexican National to whom it is issued.”

If Durham approves the resolution, city officials would accept it as a legal form of ID for business conducted with the city. Police officers would also accept it for identification purposes. Read Full Story


Take a good look at the picture. This is how Illegals view The United States of America and our Laws. They don’t come here seeking to assimilate into our culture. They come here like parasites to drain our blood. we spend untold billions on them every stinking year and more and more come, Obama knows there is a problem but he is looking to resolve it by awarding them for breaking the law and spitting in the face of every immigrant that took the time to come here legally. These illegals come here and they cling to their culture, I watch this daily and I understand not all of them are hard core criminals but all of them are criminals in stealing themselves into our country.

The fact that they refuse to assimilate shows that their loyalty is not to the US of A, no that is clear solely on the way they chose to come here. They smuggle drugs for passage into this country, in return those drugs hit our streets and are the factor of countless crimes from sales to death. My question is what is wrong with the Americans that support things like the article above? Why have you chosen to sell out your fellow citizens in favor of criminals that do not want to be Americans. What is going on in your heads? It is like this DreamAct crap. If I break the law I get punished, yet a person who has knowingly entered this country illegally gets rewarded and people look to welcome them by making life for them here as cost free and as comfortable as possible.

Can anybody explain how illegals get a college tuition break that citizens of this country cannot get? My take? DEPORT ALL THESE PEOPLE!!! Go home and live your life, the party here is over. SECURE the damn border once and for all. This is crap that American Citizens have to take a back seat to these illegal criminals. Congress and the Senate better get their heads out of their ass because WE THE PEOPLE should come first! This is not Mexico, it is The United States of America…One Nation Under God!!!!



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  1. How much will the legal immigrants allow this to take place? This gives ALL latino immigrants a bad name and the LEGAL ones should be standing up and fighting against this BS

  2. Read a great article yesterday about a Legal Immigrant that says how he walks all over Arizona and has done so for years and not once has he ever been stopped and asked to produce papers. Took his kids to Mexico a few years back got stopped asked for papers and cops wanted a bribe to let him into Mexico. He turned around and drove back home.

    No body is racially profiling, that is just a claim to cloud the issue. We have congressmen elected to server the people doing everything they can for people not even of this country. Just taking a crap on the citizens they were elected to serve.

  3. You are not looking at it the same way those politians are Bash … They are Votes … PERIOD …. And anchor babies are not anchor babies they are anchor VOTES ….. awe they’re soo cute when they are little …. America the land of free everyhting as long as you are illegally here, otherwise you better damn well break out your wallet you racist hating bastard

    • Yeah man, you nailed it on the head. It is all about votes and the FREE RIDE!They quit being cute when they are little after you have seen enough of them grown up. They are like tics sucking the life’s blood out of everything they can sink their teeth into…..More to come I am on a rant this morning.

      • They sure are … I think America is facinated with blood suckers now a days just look at all the vampire movies books and shows. Hell just look have the people in this country if you want blood suckers

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