Obama Cover Up: Terrorists Crossing Our Southern Border

Has anybody had enough yet!! This administration is trying to hang the american People out to dry. Protect us, SECURE THE BORDER!!!!! Screw this amnesty crap and screw immigration reform. Secure the damn border. Tell the American people what is truly happening and who is using our  border to enter our country with the intent to do us harm.

Is it too much to ask for safety? Move the White House to the border and see how fast a fence gets built and how secure the boarder becomes. Obama needs to look out for the American people and quit bending over for the special interests that want to give criminals amnesty.


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  1. our POTUS is a POS …. LMAO … He doest care because it does not truly effect him. I had to put it this simple to some one the other day

    Some one comes into your house univited and with out asking your permission. They eat your food, make you pay their Medical bills, drive your car, use your credit card and max it out. You call the authorities to have them removed and the authorities tell you. “They have a right to eat your food, drive your car, max out your credit card and you must pay all their medical bills .. oh and if you disagrre with me you are a racist and a hater and anti American”

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